Professional Services

Professional services cover quite a bit of ground in the IT world. In summary, if you need technical assistance for a task, regardless of size, it can be requested and quoted under professional services.

Check out some examples of the professional services we offer:

Hardware Relocation

When moving to a new location, you may need your IT hardware shut down, broken down and packed up properly. Once you arrive at your new space, you will want your hardware relocated, connected, and installed. Hardware relocation is available under our professional services.  

Hardware Decommission

When upgrading your hardware, you may need technical assistance shutting down your old hardware, getting it removed from the area, server rack or network rack. From here the hardware can either be disposed of or possibly purchased by us.

Hardware Upgrade

You may purchase hardware that is new to you but not brand new. Some OEMs will not do the installation and setup— luckily, you can reach out to us. We can discuss the project with you, put together an action plan and a quote for services and help you as much as is needed.  We can run the entire transaction for you or we can soley help with the planning and backline telephone assistance of your workforce remotely from our offices.

System Optimization, Setup, Management 

You may run into issues with how your current environment is processing data. It could be slow, locking up, etc. We can improve your system efficiencies from years of IT experience.

Essentially, we can help you with anything from cleaning up a bird’s nest of wiring to packing you up and moving you to a whole new location.  We look forward to engaging with you and seeing how we can help make your project flow more easily and efficiently.

Professional Services

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