EqualLogic Series

Top Ten USA is a proud Dell Certified Partner for both the sales and service of Dell hardware and software including the EqualLogic series. This partnership reflects and ensures that you receive the very best quality parts and service for your Dell equipment. There are many options available in the third party maintenance space.  TTU is a global leader in Dell EqualLogic service and support due to our unique blend of expert technical in house knowledge base and inventory of quality tested parts.  If you are interested in buying EqualLogic parts in an easy to use online shopping experience, please feel free to use our new e-commerce experience, The Rocket Platform.

Products Supported

Legacy Models
Midrange Models
High Capacity Models
High Capacity Models (cont.)
  • PS50
  • PS100
  • PS200
  • PS300
  • PS400

  • PS3000
  • PS4000
  • PS5000
  • PS6000
  • PS6010
  • PS5500
  • PS6500
  • PS6510
  • PS4100
  • PS4110
  • PS4210

  • PS6100
  • PS6110
  • PS6210
  • PS6610
  • PS-M4110



Why You Should Choose Top Ten USA

Here are some facts about us that we believe sets us apart and makes us the best choice for Third-Party Maintenance for your company:

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Our Knowledge Base is In House

Our technicians are trained extensively in the house to levels beyond those of traditional field technicians. Their task is simple: find the issue, fix the issue, and get you up and running again quickly and efficiently.

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We Are A Small Company

We know the struggle is real. Our economy is crippling and destroying companies in every market across the USA. We KNOW the value of your hardware, the value of your data, and the value of your money. We treat it as our own; we work hard and smart for you and look at every service issue as an opportunity to help you make the most informed decision you can to benefit your company.

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Our Replacement Parts are In House

We have over a million dollars in parts inventory right here at our New Jersey Corporate location. When we bring a piece of hardware under coverage, we ensure we have the parts needed to support that hardware in-house, tested, and ready to go as needed. We make that investment in you to ensure you see the value of your investment in us.

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We Own What We Support

We have extensive hardware labs where we keep examples of the hardware we support right in our building. If you bring us a real challenge, we can duplicate your error here in real-time and then create your solution on the fly.

We are not ashamed to say we want your business. We work to develop and earn your trust in everything we do every day. Top Ten is the best choice simply because no one will work harder, smarter, or more closely with you than we will.

We look forward to becoming Your Technology Partner

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