Networking and Appliances Technical Support with Top Ten USA

Though you may not have maintenance coverage on your networking or appliance hardware, Top Ten USA can still provide the technical support needed to get your hardware healthy again.  We do this using our time and materials model, where we provide you with an hourly rate and minimum timeframe to complete your support request.  After accepting these terms, our technical specialists will engage with you to make whatever repairs are needed on your hardware.  And you needn't wonder what quality of service you will be getting because it's not a maintenance contract.  The same trained level 3 specialists will be engaging with you, providing the same quality of service as you would expect from a maintenance agreement.  Please take a look at our offerings for networking and appliance technical support below, and it's ok if you don't see your specific device listed.  Just reach out to us with your device details and we will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Products Supported

  • Brocade Co-Branded Switches
  • ASA - Security/Firewalls
  • All Cisco Switches
  • All Juniper Switches

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