IBM End of Service Life (EOSL) Dates

A Comprehensive List of EOSL Dates for IBM Product Lines

xSeries 20012/31/2008
eServer xSeries 22512/31/2008
xSeries 23012/31/2008
eServer xSeries 23212/31/2008
xSeries 23512/31/2008
xSeries 25012/31/2008
xSeries 25512/31/2008
xSeries 30012/31/2008
xSeries 33012/31/2008
xSeries 34012/31/2008
xSeries 3400 M312/31/2008
xSeries 34212/31/2008
xSeries 36012/31/2008
xSeries 44012/31/2008
xSeries 30506/30/2009
xSeries 20509/30/2009
xSeries 34509/30/2009
TotalStorage DS6800 Expansion Enclosure09/30/2009
FAStT200 Storage Server12/31/2009
xSeries 33512/31/2009
eServer xSeries 44512/31/2009
Netfinity 300012/31/2009
xSeries 32512/31/2010
Switch 2Gbit 16 port12/31/2011
Switch 2Gbit 8 port FC12/31/2011
Switch 4Gb 24 port FC SAN24M-112/31/2011
xSeries 24006/30/2012
Switch 4Gb 16 port FC SAN16M-209/30/2012
System Storage N-Series N550012/31/2012
TotalStorage SAN16M-212/31/2012
TotalStorage SAN32M-212/31/2012
System Storage N-Series N3700 Model A1011/30/2013
IBM Storage N-Series N3700 Model A2012/31/2013
Storage N-Series N7800 Model A1012/31/2013
Storage N-Series N7800 Model A2012/31/2013
Switch 4Gbit 16 port FC SAN16B-212/31/2013
Switch 4Gbit 32 port FC SAN32B-212/31/2013
IBM Switch 4Gbit 32 port FC SAN32B-312/31/2013
Switch 4Gbit 64 port FC SAN64B-212/31/2013
BladeCenter E12/31/2013
Storage N-Series N520003/31/2014
Storage N-Series N7800 Model G2006/30/2014
RS/6000 Model 25010/31/2014
RS/6000 R50 Server10/31/2014
System Storage N-Series N3600 Dual Controller Filer12/31/2014
Storage N-Series N7900 Model G2112/31/2014
BladeCenter LS2012/31/2014
Storage EXP400 14 Bay Expansion Drawer03/31/2015
IBM xSeries 22603/31/2015
xSeries 23603/31/2015
xSeries 395003/31/2015
xSeries 46003/31/2015
xSeries 460 MXE03/31/2015
IntelliStation A Pro03/31/2015
Storage N-Series N3700 Model 00104/30/2015
Storage N-Series N7900 Dual Node Filer 2 x 6U04/30/2015
xSeries 20606/30/2015
xSeries 365006/30/2015
xSeries 36606/30/2015
xSeries 385006/30/2015
BladeCenter HS2106/30/2015
System Storage DS680009/30/2015
xSeries 3755 M209/30/2015
BladeCenter LS2109/30/2015
System Storage DS4700 Express Model 7212/31/2015
System Storage DS4800 Array12/31/2015
Storage N-Series N7900 Model A1112/31/2015
xSeries 10012/31/2015
xSeries 30612/31/2015
xSeries 320012/31/2015
xSeries 325012/31/2015
xSeries 32612/31/2015
xSeries 340012/31/2015
xSeries 345512/31/2015
xSeries 34612/31/2015
xSeries 350012/31/2015
xSeries 355012/31/2015
xSeries 36512/31/2015
BladeCenter HS2012/31/2015
BladeCenter HS4012/31/2015
BladeCenter LS4112/31/2015
System Storage DS3950 EXP395 16 Bay Expansion Drawer12/31/2015
System Storage DS400012/31/2015
TotalStorage DS4300 2Gb FC Array 14 Slot12/31/2015
System Storage DS810003/31/2016
System Storage DS830003/31/2016
RS/6000 43P Model 14012/31/2016
RS/6000 Model 26012/31/2016
System Storage DS3950 16 Bay 8Gb FC/iSCSI Array12/31/2016
System Storage N-Series N604003/31/2017
System Storage N-Series N606003/31/2017
System Storage N-Series N607003/31/2017
System Storage N-Series N330006/30/2017
Storage N-Series N7800 Model G1006/30/2017
zAware DR 1006/30/2017
zAware 2 Pack06/30/2017
zAware 4 Pack06/30/2017
zAware 6 Pack06/30/2017
zAware 1006/30/2017
zAware DR 206/30/2017
pSeries 62006/30/2017
RS/6000 Model 15006/30/2017
RS/6000 Model 17006/30/2017
RS/6000 Model 27006/30/2017
RS/6000 Workgroup Server Model F4006/30/2017
RS/6000 E30 Server06/30/2017
RS/6000 F50 Server06/30/2017
Storage UltraScalable Storage Tape Library07/31/2017
System Storage 3584/TS3500 Tape Library07/31/2017
PowerLinux 730L09/30/2017
System Storage N-Series N3400 Dual Controller Filer10/31/2017
Storage Ultrium 2 Tape Autoloader11/30/2017
Storage Ultrium Tape Autoloader11/30/2017
System Storage DS5100 Storage Server12/31/2017
System Storage DS5300 Storage Server12/31/2017
pSeries 61012/31/2017
pSeries 61512/31/2017
pSeries 65012/31/2017
Storage TS1120 Tape Controller01/31/2018
pSeries 50501/31/2018
pSeries 51001/31/2018
pSeries 52001/31/2018
pSeries 52A01/31/2018
pSeries 55A01/31/2018
pSeries 63001/31/2018
pSeries 640 B8001/31/2018
RS/6000 H80 Server01/31/2018
System Storage DS870005/31/2018
eServer pSeries 65006/30/2018
System Storage N-Series N315007/31/2018
System Storage N-Series N322007/31/2018
System Storage N-Series N324007/31/2018
System Storage N-Series N621007/31/2018
System Storage N-Series N622007/31/2018
Storage N-Series N6240 Model C2107/31/2018
Storage N-Series N6240 Model E1107/31/2018
Storage N-Series N6240 Model E2107/31/2018
Storage N-Series N6250 Model E1607/31/2018
Storage N-Series N6250 Model E2607/31/2018
Storage N-Series N6270 Model C2207/31/2018
Storage N-Series N6270 Model E1207/31/2018
Storage N-Series N6270 Model E2207/31/2018
Storage N-Series N7550T Model C2007/31/2018
Storage N-Series N7950T Model E2207/31/2018
pSeries 670 Central Electronics Complex Model 67112/31/2018
pSeries 690 Central Electronics Complex Model 68112/31/2018
AS/400e Server 17012/31/2018
xSeries RXE10012/31/2018
eServer iSeries 27012/31/2018
System Storage EXN3200 Model 306 SATA Expansion12/31/2018
pSeries 560Q01/31/2019
Power5 Model 59001/31/2019
Power5 Model 59501/31/2019
System i Express 1-Way Server01/31/2019
pSeries 55001/31/2019
BladeCenter JS4303/31/2019
eServer iSeries 57003/31/2019
System Storage DS880003/31/2019
BladeCenter JS2303/31/2019
BladeCenter JS1203/31/2019
ECLIPZ Blade03/31/2019
Power(R) 59503/31/2019
Power 57503/31/2019
Power 52003/31/2019
Power 520 Express(R)03/31/2019
Power 520 Express M2503/31/2019
Power 55003/31/2019
Power 56003/31/2019
Power 57003/31/2019
Power 550 Express M5003/31/2019
Netezza Skimmer06/30/2019
Netezza Twinfin-606/30/2019
Netezza Twinfin-306/30/2019
Netezza Twinfin-1206/30/2019
Netezza Twinfin-2406/30/2019
Netezza Twinfin-3606/30/2019
Netezza Twinfin-4806/30/2019
Netezza Twinfin-7206/30/2019
Netezza Twinfin-9606/30/2019
Netezza Striper-606/30/2019
Netezza Striper-306/30/2019
Netezza Striper-1206/30/2019
Netezza Striper-2406/30/2019
PS703 Blade09/30/2019
PS704 Blade09/30/2019
Flex System p26009/30/2019
Flex System p46009/30/2019
PS700 Blade09/30/2019
PS701/702 Blade09/30/2019
Power 77509/30/2019
PS701/702 Blade09/30/2019
Power 72009/30/2019
Power 720 IOC09/30/2019
Power 740 IOC09/30/2019
Power 74009/30/2019
Power 75009/30/2019
Power 710 IOC09/30/2019
Power 75509/30/2019
Power 710/73009/30/2019
Power 77009/30/2019
Flex System p24L09/30/2019
Power 770 IOC09/30/2019
PowerLinux 7R109/30/2019
Power Chassis09/30/2019
PowerLinux 7R209/30/2019
PowerLinux 7R2 L2S09/30/2019
pSeries 57010/31/2019
RS/6000 IBM eServer pSeries 660 Model 6H112/30/2019
RS/6000 IBM eServer pSeries 660 Model 6M112/30/2019
FlashSystem V84012/31/2019
FlashSystem 84012/31/2019
RS/6000 Enterprise Server Model H7012/31/2019
System Storage DS4000 EXP810 Storage Expansion Unit12/31/2019
Netezza Striper Gen 206/30/2020
Flex System V700007/31/2020
eServer iSeries 81010/30/2020
eServer iSeries 80010/30/2020
eServer iSeries 82010/30/2020
eServer iSeries 82510/30/2020
eServer iSeries 83010/30/2020
eServer iSeries 89010/30/2020
eServer iSeries 84010/31/2020
ProtecTIER TS762011/30/2020
ProtecTIER TS7650G11/30/2020
BladeCenter PN4112/31/2020
BladeCenter HC1012/31/2020
BladeCenter HS2312/31/2020
Ethernet Switch J48E12/31/2020
System x iDataPlex dx360 Server12/31/2020
System x iDataPlex dx360 M3 Server12/31/2020
Smart Cube x720012/31/2020
Lotus Foundations Server12/31/2020
Power 78012/31/2020
eServer xSeries 206m12/31/2020
Flex System x22012/31/2020
Flex System x24012/31/2020
Flex System x44012/31/2020
NeXtScale nx360 M412/31/2021
BladeCenter HS22V12/31/2021
BladeCenter HS23E12/31/2021
BladeCenter T12/31/2021
iDataPlex dx360 M4 server12/31/2021
iDataPlex dx360 M4 2U chassis12/31/2021
System x iDataPlex dx360 M4 Server12/31/2021
Flex System x440 Compute Node12/31/2021
Flex System x220 Compute Node12/31/2021
Flex System x222 Compute Node12/31/2021
Flex System Chassis12/31/2021
Flex System X6 Compute Node12/31/2021
BladeCenter HX512/31/2021
BladeCenter S12/31/2021
BladeCenter Telco H12/31/2021
iDataPlex 3U Chassis12/31/2021
BladeCenter H12/31/2021
System Storage TS1140 Tape Drive – E07 & EH702/28/2022
Flex System x240 Compute Node12/31/2022
Storwize V7000 Disk System12/31/2022
zEnterprise 14 (z114)12/31/2022
System Storage DS888012/31/2022
System Storage DS888412/31/2022
System Storage DS888612/31/2022
System Storage DS888812/31/2022
FlashSystem 90012/31/2022
Storwize V3700 Disk System12/31/2022
FlashSystem V900012/31/2022
FlashSystem A9000R12/31/2022
Storwize V5000 Disk System12/31/2022
Netezza Mako 1/4 Rack04/10/2023
Netezza Mako-304/10/2023
Netezza Mako-604/10/2023
Netezza Mako-1204/10/2023
Netezza Mako-2404/10/2023
Storwize V500012/31/2023
zEnterprise BC12 (zBC12)12/31/2023
zEnterprise EC12 (zEC12)12/31/2023

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